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Invitation Only Classes at Rhythm Dance Center

Petite Pizzazz

Petite Pizzazz is an invitation-only accelerated program for preschool and kindergarten dancers. This is a high energy and faster paced class for dancers that show focus as well as exceptional coordination and dance skills. These classes are chosen through class and recital observation at the end of each season. Petite Pizzazz is an hour-long class including ballet, tap, and jazz. These dancers will perform two routines (jazz and tap) in our year end show! Petite Pizzazz dancers are also required to participate in a week-long summer dance camp at Rhythm Dance Center. This program has proven to be great for our tiny dancers that are ready for a bit more of a challenge!


Spotlight is an invitation-only accelerated program for dancers in 1st grade and up (and Kindergarten on occasion). It is ideal for dancers who are ready for a more focused classroom atmosphere. Spotlight instructors will provide dancers with challenging choreography and technique to be the best they can be. This invitation-only class provides an additional performance opportunity to perform their jazz routine at one talent competition in the spring. 

Spotlight dancers are chosen through class and recital observation at the end of each season. Dancers are recommended by their teachers and on occasion, are selected by Spotlight Directors (Beth Mason and Cara Mills) and/or the Owners (Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg). Class requirements for all levels of Spotlight include weekly ballet, jazz and hip hop classes. All dancers are also required to participate in a week-long summer dance camp at Rhythm Dance Center.

Going through the Performing Company Audition process is not required or encouraged. No dancers should participate in the auditions unless their wish is to be a member of Rhythm Dance Center Performing Company (Mini Stars, Connection, Fusion or Edge). For 2024-2025 Season, the first round of invitations will be sent out on April 8th. A second round of invitations will go out around June 2nd. There could be second round that go out in May if there are confirmed openings. 

We have 5 different Spotlights - Petite, Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior. Petite and Mini Spotlight are directed by Beth Mason. Junior, Teen and Senior Spotlight are directed by Cara Mills. While Spotlight is not part of our Performing Company, it is a great stepping stone for those dancers who may be interested in our Performing Company in the future. It has proven to be a successful program for many dancers!


-Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop classes weekly (all on same day), 1 Weekend Rehearsal, 1 Dress Rehearsal (possibly weekend), 1 Competition (weekend in March or April), Required Summer Dance Camp, Required Spotlight Jacket (Approx. $48), 3 Costumes (Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop) 

Financial Commitment: Tuition $215 per month (3 classes). Spotlight Fee $65 (one time fee, due at Registation, Competition Entry Fees (Approx. $70-$80 per routine), Potential Competition Media Fee (approximately $35), Summer Dance Camp (approx. $285 - $450 depending on the camp and when you register). 

Groove Mekanix (GMx)

Groove Mekanix is an invitation-only, all-boys hip hop crew that performs at various community events as well as competition. We have a Junior Crew and a Teen Crew made up of guys ages 7-18. They take one special hip hop class weekly, but are encouraged to take additional classes and styles. 

GMx is directed and choreographed by Jeff Mason. If you think you have what it takes to be part of GMx, make sure you are registered for one of our hip hop classes. Jeff chooses the new members of GMx at the end of each season. Checking out one of their performances is a must! They always bring the house down when they perform!