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Performing Company Auditions

2023-2024 Performing Company Auditions


Company Auditions have been completed for the 2023-2024 Season! Thank you to all the dancers that auditioned! If you are moving into the area, reach out to us for more info on auditioning. Many companies are full, but we may consider you depending on space available. 


Thank you to each and every dancer that auditioned for us this season! We are so proud of each of you and for the amazing efforts you put into learning and performing so many combos! You should feel very proud of yourself for following through with our audition process. We loved watching each of you dance!

We had a phenomenal response again this year with 315 dancers auditioning! We feel this is the strongest group of dancers we have ever had auditioning as a whole! We are proud of the Rhythm Faculty and all our programs at Rhythm Dance Center from Recreational Classes and Spotlight to all our existing Performing Companies and the awesome, versatile training the dancers are receiving! 

No matter what the results may be, we hope everyone learns something valuable from the process and will continue working to achieve your goals. We spend many hours on the audition process and spend hours on our decisions. This all happens behind the scenes, after hours, and is not something we take lightly.

We talked about this in each of the auditions, but please keep in mind that each of you are individual and unique. No two dancers are the same. You may be placed in a different company from one of your best friends that you have been dancing with for a few years. This is normal. It happens each and every year and is usually a great growing process. You may have the opportunity to be a leader in your company. You may have the opportunity to grow in your company. You will make new friends and have new experiences! We hope that you will trust that we placed you carefully and respect the process. 

It’s because of all the honest effort and careful consideration we put into this process that we stand by our decisions as final. We know and understand that, after results are posted, some of you may want to speak with us to discuss the outcome. We welcome this and will schedule time to talk with you in the coming weeks, but we would like to ask the following from you:

1. With such a large response to the auditions, it may take us a little time to get back to each person. You are all important to us, so we ask that you grant us some grace in our response time!

2. Please respect that we stand by our decisions, and they are final.

3. Regardless of whether you do or do not get the result you are hoping for, the hard work doesn’t end! We encourage you to always continue striving for that next goal, pursuing your love of dance, working hard to improve your technique, and keep having fun! Everyone, whether invited to a performing company or not, will be receiving an email with your results very soon! We are so proud of all the programs and companies we offer at Rhythm Dance Center and are excited to see all our dancers continue to train and grow wherever they are placed. 

Thank you again for choosing to audition for a Rhythm Dance Center Performing Company! We’re looking forward to Rhythm Season 31!

Thank you!
Becca and Dani (along with all Performing Company Staff)