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Grace Ann Geer

Grace Ann Geer

Dance Instructor

Birthday: January 1

3 Phrases to Describe My Dance Background:

1. I started dancing at Rhythm when I was 2 years old and am a proud Rhythm Alum!
2. I began teaching dance right when I started college and absolutely fell in love with teaching.
3. Tap quickly became my favorite at an early age and I love igniting that passion in my students!

Rhythm Role: Connection Tap Company

Years Teaching at Rhythm: This is my first year teaching!

Fun Fact: I spent one year traveling the world by myself after my college graduation. I went to 28 countries across 4 continents and even spent 2 weeks trekking to Everest Base Camp!

Favorite Rhythm Year-End Show: Carnival-O-Rama! It was my first year in Edge and I absolutely fell in love with the magic of recitals.

When not at Rhythm, I am checking Google Flights trying to track down cheap flights or reading a book!