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Hannah Hardin

Hannah Hardin

Dance Instructor

Birthday: March 18

3 phrases that describe my dance background:

1. RDC was my first and only studio I danced at, and I'm so proud to call it my home! 

2. I've been assisting classes at Rhythm for the last 2 years and I love getting to be a figure for the kids to look up to the way I looked up to my teachers and assistants!

3. I'm a dance major at KSU!

Rhythm Role: I'm teaching jazz and hip hop this year, and I'm so excited about it!

Years Teaching at Rhythm: 2

Fun Fact: I've danced on the Fox Theatre stage! (with an empty audience haha)

Favorite Rhythm Year-End Show: Whole Rhythm World or Rhythm Frozen

When not at Rhythm, I'm either dancing at KSU or hanging out with my sorority sisters!