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Camp Confetti focuses on multiple genres of dance and engages your petite dancer in a creative and lively setting! These fun + fancy camps include three-day or five-day camp options.

Cost: $190 or $170
if paid before May 15

Fancy Mouse Dress-Up House (Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement)
Tuesday, June 20 - Thursday, June 22
Location: Rhythm Annex ~ Bring your own snack to enjoy!
If you love fun and fancy galore, grab your favorite mouse ears and join us at the Fancy Mouse Dress-Up House! This fanciful, danciful dance camp will take dancers through the most très, très chic mouse house in all the land…toasting friends with cupcakes and tea in the dazzling dining room, going all glitz-and-glam playing dress-up in the massive mouse-inista closet and shimmering under the disco ball at the playroom pizzazz dance party! Filled with the fanciest dancing-est fun and marvelous mouse-tastic crafts, this ballet, tap and creative movement camp is perfect for all sassy and classy kids who love Minnie, Mickey, Daisy and friends!

Dancing with my Favorite Princess: Passport to Royalty (Ballet/Tap)
Wednesday, July 18 - Friday, July 20
Location: Rhythm Main ~ Bring your own snack to enjoy!

Calling all dancing princesses! Whether your favorite princess travels by air on a magic carpet or swims under the sea with her mermaid tail...lives in an enchanted forest or dwells under a spell in a charmed castle, you don’t want to miss this magical dance camp filled with adventure! Bring your favorite princess dollie along with you and, together, travel to meet four V.I.P.s (Very Important Princesses) in their magical castles as you fill your Passport to Royalty with dancing fun! You’ll go on a scavenger hunt for sparkly jewels, dance around underwater treasure chests, and create glittering crafts for both you and your princess dollie! This ballet and tap dance camp is the perfect passport offering twice the fun for you and your favorite princess dollie friend!

Cost: $310 or $275 if paid before May 15

The Enchanted Confetti Casita (Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement)
Monday, June 12 - Friday, June 16
Location: Rhythm Annex ~ Bring your own snack to enjoy!
We may not talk about Bruno-no-no-no, but fans of Disney’s Encanto will be talking non-stop about this magical, fantastical ballet, tap and creative movement camp! The enchanted tiles of the Casita’s Candescent Courtyard will guide dancers to unlock three glowing doorways that each reveal a dance challenge! Once completed, they’ll be granted entry into the Enchanted Confetti Casita to explore the world of dance where their vivid imaginations will brightly shine! Filled with magical movements, fantastical fun and colorful crafts, this imaginative dance camp is sure to bring glowing reviews for all who experience it!

Mermagical Mermaids & Shimmery Swans (Ballet/Creative Movement)
Monday,  July 10 - Friday, July 14
Location: Rhythm Main ~ Bring your own snack to enjoy!
Tiny Ballerinas will dance and leap across the lily pad lagoon as mermagical mermaids and shimmering swans in this sparkling summer camp. Dancers will focus on ballet basics and creative movement, as well as fun + fancy, imaginative activities and fin-tastic feathery crafts!

Registration for these camps will open on February 13!

Preschool Acrobatics Camp ~ Ages 3-5

Welcome to the Circus: Preschool Acrobatics Mini Camp
Monday, July 24 - Wednesday, July 26
9:30 - 11:00am
Location: Rhythm Annex
Cost: $105 or $95 if paid by May 15
Get ready to roll into some spectacular fun at the Rhythm Acro Circus!! Join us under the Big Top as we learn how to tumble like acrobats, balance on the tightrope, stretch to new lengths and star in an amazing performance with our circus friends! This fun camp is for ages 3-5, and no acro experience is necessary!