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Ellie Bryant

Ellie Bryant

Creative Executive Assistant, Project Manager & Dance Instructor

Birthday: October 15th

3 Phrases that describe my dance background:

1. I have been dancing since I was only 2 years old!!

2. I have a B.A. degree in Dance with a concentration in contemporary modern dance from Kennesaw State University.

3. I am officially certified in Acrobatic Arts & can’t wait to bring back the Acro program at Rhythm!

Rhythm Role: I am the Creative Executive Assistant & Project Manager at RDC but I will also be teaching Jazz and Acro this year!

Years Working/Teaching at Rhythm: This is my second season at RDC but my first year teaching!

Fun Fact: My photo is on the front page of a UGA children’s book “I Want to Go!” but I married a Georgia Tech grad.

Favorite Rhythm Year-End Show: Rhythm Story!!

When I am not at Rhythm, I’m at the Annex ;) But if you can’t find me there, I love to hang out with my family, read new books, explore the outdoors, & travel!!