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Twirl Preschool and Kindergarten Dance Classes

Twirl is our unique preschool program created especially for Rhythm by Becca and Dani (along with our staff)! This engaging program helps your petite dancer learn age appropriate dance steps and proper terminology in a creative, lively and fun setting. Twirl is offered as Twirl Classic for ages 2-5 or Twirl to the Max for ages 3-5! 

All Twirl Classic and Twirl to the Max dancers will receive a custom Twirl book with imaginative activities to do in class, plus fun-themed stickers to track their achievements! We'll store the book at the studio throughout the year and the dancers will take them home at the end of the dance season! All dancers will also receive a Twirl reward ribbon to keep on their dance bag. We'll add a sparkly rhinestone to their ribbon each week when they come to class! At the end of the season, Twirl dancers will also receive a personalized Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate! 

Check out #rhythmtwirl on Instagram to see all the fun we have in our Twirl classes! 

TWIRL Classic (ages 2 – 5) 

This is the preschool and kindergarten ballet and tap combo class we've offered at Rhythm Dance Center for 30 years. It is a classic intro to dance, with a little extra sparkle! 

Your dancer will be introduced to ballet and tap basics that will provide an excellent dance foundation as they grow. We highly recommend this 45 minute class for all young dancers! 

Year-End Show: They will perform a tap routine in the year end show. 

Twirl Fee: $25 (includes TWIRL book, ribbon, and certificate)

Twirl Classic is offered in three different color levels based on your dancer's age: 

  • Twirl Pink - Ages 2-3
  • Twirl Lilac - Ages 3-4 
  • Twirl Yellow - Ages 4-5                   

TWIRL TO THE MAX (ages 3 – 5) 

This 1-1/2 hour class includes all the features of our Twirl Classic class plus some snazzy jazzy moves, and a bit of musical theater! A great class for the little dancer that wants more dance in their week and can’t decide on just one style! 

Year-End Show: They will perform a tap routine and a ballet routine in the year end show! 

Twirl Fee: $25 (includes Twirl book, ribbon, stickers and a certificate)

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What to Wear for Twirl - Preschool Ballet & Tap

All Twirl and Twirl to the Max dancers will need any color or style dance wear of their choice (leotard, tights, skirt, dress, leggings), black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, and a dance bag for class. Hair pulled back away from their face.

Click here for our complete dress code by age groups/classes.