Princess Littleton

Princess Littleton

Dance Teacher

Birthday: August 19th

Describe your dance background in 3 short phrases:

1. Growing up in California, myself and 2 of my other cousins use to perform in the garage for our family. I was always either directing or doing choreography. Working on your craft (talent) was always a big part of our family in a supportive way.

2. I learned the latest grooves by faithfully watching Soul Train on Saturdays. I Started training in 7th grade and in high school you could not get me out of the dance studio.

3. I've danced with some amazing professional teams and artists throughout my career.

Rhythm Role: Dance Instructor

Teaches: Various styles but will be teaching Jazz, Hip-Hop and Contemporary at Rhythm

Fun fact: I am obsessed with the old Hollywood fashion particularly Audrey Hepburn

Favorite Rhythm Year-End Show: Looking forward to this year being my favorite!

When not at Rhythm dancing: I love spending time with the family & best friends, traveling, watching movies, listening to music and shopping.