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Peyton Huie

Peyton Huie

Dance Instructor

Birthday: June 16

Describe your dance background in 3 short phrases:

1. I started dancing at the age of 2 at Rhythm! I started in a few rec classes, went to Petite Pizzazz, Starlets (now known as Mini Stars), Junior Connection, Junior Edge, Teen Edge, and Senior Edge until I graduated in 2018. 

2. I then moved on to study Dance, Business Management, and Spanish at the University of Alabama and graduated with degrees in Dance and Business Management this past December 2022. 

3. I am now back in Atlanta teaching here at Rhythm and am on the Braves 2023 Tomahawk Team!

Rhythm Role: I am teaching 3rd-5th Grade Body Awareness, 3rd-5th Grade Jazz, and Teen Tap.

Years Teaching at Rhythm: This is my first year teaching at Rhythm, but I assisted for many classes throughout High School.

Fun Fact: I spent this past Summer studying abroad in Madrid, Spain.

Favorite Rhythm Year-End Show: Whole Rhythm World or The ABCs of RDC

When not at Rhythm, I am at a Braves game, hanging with family or friends, working on movies or tv shows in the background, choreographing dance combos, and hanging with my dogs.