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Cherrise Wakeham

Cherrise Wakeham

Dance Instructor

Birthday: January 17

  1. I’ve been teaching, choreographing, touring, directing, and mentoring for 25 years.
  2. My credits include Project 7 Contemporary Dance Co., Capezio A.C.E. Awards, Carnival Choreographer’s Ball, Madame Gandhi, Zoetic, iN House Dance Workshops.
  3. My focus in the studio is intentionality and agency in movement.

Rhythm Role: Junior, Teen and Senior Edge Contemporary Instructor

Years Teaching at Rhythm: This is my second!

Fun fact: I’m recently certified as a yoga instructor and excited to continue integrating it with contemporary!

Favorite Rhythm Year-End Show: SZN Three-ohhhh, here we gooo!

When not at Rhythm, I’m definitely somewhere in nature - the woods, the beach, anywhere I can hike, camp, opt outside!