Snazzy Jazzy (ages 3-5)

If your little one loves dancing to upbeat music, this snazzy intro to jazz is the perfect class! Set to high energy, age-appropriate music, dancers will learn the basics of jazz and movement in a fun and engaging way. They will perform jazz in our Year-End Show. 

Our Snazzy Jazzy class is part of our Twirl program. Dancers will receive engaging Twirl activity sheets throughout the season to enhance their twirl-a-bility! All dancers will also receive a fun tag to keep on their dance bag and a Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate at the end of the season!

TWIRL FEE: $15 (includes Snazzy Jazzy bag tag, Twirl sheets, and Graduation Celebration Certificate)

Find a Snazzy Jazzy class at Rhythm!

What to Wear for Snazzy Jazzy - Preschool/Kinder Jazz

Any color or style lycra jazz shorts, leotards, leggings, and tops of your choice. Tan or appropriate skin tone jazz shoes. Hair pulled back out of face.

Click here for our complete dress code by age groups/classes.