Summers at Rhythm are a BLAST! Below are the dates and themes we had for Summer of 2022. New themes and dates will be announced in early 2023!

Confetti Clue Crew: Mystery at the TOYriffic Museum of Fun (Jazz/Hip Hop) 
Monday, June 27-Friday, July 1
Location: Rhythm Annex
Cost: $300 or $265 if paid before May 15

Calling all super sleuths to report to Confetti Clue Crew Headquarters STAT! We’ve been tasked to solve the mystery of the missing toy from the TOYriffic Museum of Fun. Each day we’ll dance from room to room and uncover new clues to find out WHO stole the missing toy from WHERE and HOW they got away with it! Was it Curator Clementine in the Classic Toy Room with the Claw? Or Professor Peony in the Plush Room with the Purple Pocketbook? Using their spytastic jazz moves and hip hop grooves, dancers will fill their Confetti Clue Kit each day to help unravel this mysterious toy ploy in time for their final TOYriffic performance at this Museum of FUN!

Boho Desert Bash (Jazz/Hip Hop)
Tuesday, July 12-Thursday, July 14
Location: Rhythm Dance Center
Cost: $180 or $160 if paid before May 15

Get ready for a dance party like no other at the Boho Desert Bash! Dancers will move wild and free in this high-energy jazz and hip hop camp. Young dancers will prepare for their big Boho Desert Bash performance by contributing to the dreamy artistic process through costume design, dreamcatching crafts and sparkling props. At the Boho Desert Bash, dancers will catch all their dreams and shine like the stars with a boho-chic tribe of friends!

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